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The Stake Back Bonus provides an opportunity to get back stake for those who place bets and miss out on winning payouts by one game.


  1. The Multibet should consist of 7 games and above.
  2. The Multibet should have an average Total Odds of 1.45 and above for each winning game.
  3. There should be NO VOIDED GAME in the betslip.
  4. The stake amount should be CASH ONLY to qualify for this bonus.
  5. The Stake Back is in Bonus form; therefore, BONUS RULES apply.

Please Note:

  • To calculate Average total odd; You simply divide total odds for won games by the number of won games.
  • This can be calculated by simply dividing total odds for a bet by the odds of lost game/games to get Total odds for won games and then dividing by the number of won games.
  • For example, if your bet has 7 games with total odds of 17.5 and you happen to lose 1 game with an odd of 1.70; To get average total odd;
  • You first divide 17.5/1.70=10.29, then divide 10.29 by 6= 1.72.

Awarding Criteria:

  • If you place a multibet of between 7 to 10 games and lose one game, you will get 100% of your stake back as bonus.
  • If you place a multibet of 11 games and above and lose one game, you will get** 200%** of stake back as bonus.
  • Loss of more than one game on the multibet betslip (above 7 games) results in not getting any stake back as bonus.

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