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  • The Midweek Jackpot comprises 15 games.
  • The Midweek Jackpot winning amount is fixed at 15 million shillings.

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Jackpot Bonus:

  • Bonuses will be awarded to 12, 13 & 14 correct predictions.

Requirements for placing a Jackpot Bet:

  • For you to place a bet on the Midweek Jackpot, you need to have sh.15.

  • You can place as many Jackpot Bets as you prefer.


The DOUBLE COMBINATION on the Jackpot helps those who have been placing multiple bets on the Jackpot to do this in one bet. For instance if you are sure all the other games will be away wins apart from the last three games on the Grand Jackpot which you think might be a Home win or a draw for the last three this feature can be applicable.

The maximum number of double combinations is 3 per bet.

The total stake with n combinations can be calculated as: 2n x 15.

Therefore, the total stake amount for a 3 double Midweek Jackpot Combination will be:

23 x 15 = 120/=

If a Jackpot game is cancelled.

  • Where a Jackpot game is cancelled, an official public draw shall be carried out after 48 hours after the last JP game has played, to determine the result of the missing game result or results.

How to place a Jackpot bet.

You can currently place your Midweek Jackpot bets through both the Betika App and our website platform by following the link: https://www.betika.com/weekly-jackpots

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